Calling All Hip Hop Heads!

The African Voices historic issue, Hip Hop at 50: Where Do We Go From Here?, has arrived! I'm happy to share that I'm one of 63 contributors in this special edition, guest edited by the prolific writer Kevin Powell (a 2024 #GRAMMY nominee for Best Spoken Word Poetry Album).

Four generations of writers contributed to this "must-read" work. You've never read hip hop like this! Congratulations to Carolyn Butts (African Voices founder) and Kevin for a great collabo.

I'd love to know your thoughts! Email me. ENJOY!

~ April

"African American art is infused with African, Caribbean, and the Black American lived experiences... African American artists have used art to preserve history and community memory as well as for empowerment... In 2024, we examine the varied history and life of African American arts and artisans."
- Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH ) aka The Founders of Black History Month


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