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The AKILA WORKSONGS office is open during traditional business hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm ET (and closed on weekends and holidays).

(718) 756-8501

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PO Box 250553 | Brooklyn, New York 11225

April R. Silver
Founder and CEO
Email April's Assistant

Drake R. Holliday
Email Drake re: new business inquiries (including website and email marketing inquiries).

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Lea Byrd, Senior Publicist + Marketing Manager
Email Lea if you're a member of the press and/or if you'd like to request an interview for any client.

LaToya English, Editorial Manager
Email LaToya if you're connected to the I've Got Life! anthology project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We've compiled and answered a few questions that tend to pop up. Take a gander. If you still have questions, let us know.


In one sentence, we are a company that represents people and organizations who desire to have their ideas, events, products, or services promoted to a special group or to the public at large. Learn more HERE.

What does AKILA mean?

Depending on the culture, the name Akila can mean many things. For us, it means "She who is wise" or "she who is intelligent" (and that's based on the Swahili-Arabic meaning). The name is sometimes spelled as Akilah or Akeelah. At the agency, we have put our own spin on the name and it is stylized as AKILA. And no, the company's founder's name is not Akila 🙂 More HERE.


Worksongs (from “work songs”) is a type of music that is rhythmically connected to labor or to the task at hand. In the history of African-American music, this form has had different functions, including as a means for spiritual nourishment for African people born free at home but captured and enslaved throughout the world. For more click HERE.

Is AKILA WORKSONGS a songwriting company?

We get this question all the time. No, we are not in the business of writing songs, but we have worked with a number of great songwriters. Some of them have won GRAMMYs. Check out our client history. Click HERE.

I am looking to do more public speaking. Can AKILA help with that?

• SHORT ANSWER: Currently, our lecture management services are only offered to full-service public relations clients.

• TO BE CLEAR: One has to retain us first before she or he are eligible for lecture management services (which is where we work to book the client for paid speaking engagements).

• BACKSTORY: This is one of the most popular reasons that people call the agency. That's likely because we started off as a speakers bureau in 1993. In the beginning, that was the only service we offered. Over the years, we've expanded our offerings significantly. Click HERE to see all that we do.

How do I become a client?

If you're interested in our services, please email General Manager Drake R. Holliday. Under normal circumstances, please allow one business day for a reply email.

Are you accepting clients right now?

Yes, we are currently accepting clients. At the onset of the Coronavirus / COVID-10 pandemic and national state of emergency in the United States, we offered pro bono services. We did so in special consideration of the economic hardships that have negatively impacted the artist and activist communities, as well as the African American and Latino/Latina communities. While those hard economic realities remain for many people, we have had to end our free grace period.

Are you looking for interns?

Currently, we are not accepting interns nor volunteers. We anticipate that policy changing summer 2020. We will make an announcement via our Put On BLAST! email newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter HERE.

Do you offer paid internships?

No. We do not offer paid internships at this time.

What is the latest with the I've Got Life! anthology that April R. Silver was supposed to have completed by now?

The anthology project was significantly delayed, unfortunately. Earlier in 2020, though, Silver resumed worked on the project. In January and February, she re-started a weekly interview schedule with many of the women who will be featured in the book. Since early March, however, the project was put on pause again as she and her team adjusted to the impact of COVID-19. The work will resume in June 2020. If you have questions about your perks, please contact April directly via her personal email address HERE.

AKILA WORKSONGS (A Communications Agency, In Partnership with AKILA Unlimited LLC). Founder and CEO April R. Silver is a link in the Integrated Wealth Alliance (IWA). | Photo credits: Contact Us | For Our Latest Links + Events: Linktree

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