Surprise! Read Who Wished Nana Camille a Happy Birthday…

Greetings, Dear Family and Friends of Nana Camille!

Last Saturday’s community celebration of our great mother was a GLORIOUS gathering! Folks from all ages and backgrounds, including her blood family from across the country, joined the virtual meeting to honor Nana Camille. We all left there feeling uplifted, for sure!

People offered remarks about how Nana Camille has enriched their lives with her acts of kindness and powerful guidance. People also talked about how, when they were in need, she showed up for them in various ways… be it with words of wisdom, soul-soothing songs, and sometimes a check! We’re so grateful!

The REV. ALL SHARPTON also joined the Zoom meeting and offered his heartfelt remarks about Nana Camille’s steadfast activism in the community. He didn’t hesitate to remind us of her decades-long positive impact on the movement.

And this part right here was a surprise… (scroll down, please)

President Barack Obama sent kind regards on behalf of himself and Michelle! On his letterhead, the president wished Nana Camille a happy 90th birthday and a day filled with “laughter and love.” He signed his written note with “Thank you for all that you do.”

It was an honor for me to present and produce the event and to connect the dots among family, friends, and guest speakers like Dr. Brenda M. Greene, Rev. Al Sharpton, Chief Baba Neil Clarke, Chief Ayanda Clarke (who gave a beautiful closing prayer), and of course, President Obama, but I believe the most empowering part how we all happily embraced the spirit of the collective African family. We also embraced the spirits of health, joyful living, and wealth… and now we are better off!

Nana Camille reminds us to “Raise the Glory!” and to “Take Yo’ Praise!” We did that! When we celebrate her, we celebrate us. Let’s keep it going!

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Lastly, enjoy the video below. This time, the sound is working, LOL!

With Love,