After 17 Years…Thank You!

I get asked about this image so I’d like to say, “Yes, that’s me in the picture.” 1995. My company had just begun its operation two years before.

April 2010 marks the 17th anniversary of AKILA WORKSONGS. My feelings range from high to low, excitement to exhaustion. Some days I feel like a master, others days I feel like a simple novice. I have lots to promote regarding our anniversary month, clients to service, and a dizzing bundle of emails, deadlines, phone calls, interviews, facebooking, twittering, meetings…. arrrrgggh! But while all that is stirring, I am pausing to say ((((THANK YOU)))) to everyone who has empowered this work over the past 17 years. You are appreciated. I bow my head to you.

April R. Silver