Camille Yarbrough Honored at Anniversary Celebration (Good Morning Ship Mates!!)

Nana Camille Yarbrough is a living legend amongst us! She is a soul singer; a poet; a dancer; an actress of film, television, and theater; a television talk show host; a radio host; a children’s book author; a mentor; an activist; and much more. All that work can be summarized in one true statement: She is our GRIOT!

Nana is our storyteller and cultural compass. Her wisdom and unflinching principles are beyond comparison. For years, I have listened and learned from her as she has spoken of the historical and spirit-filled role of the artist in our community. She has schooled me on the battles that Black artists have waged in an effort to maintain a sense of dignity about their work. She has given me backstory on the cultural arts instiutions, the movers and shakers and players in New York City with a perspective that only a wise woman can share. I have literally been at her feet, trying to fully digest the life lessons that she so freely shares.

Because I have been embraced by her, I wanted to uplift her in a simple but special way. Nana Camille is the first-time receipiant of AKILA WORKSONGS’ Founder’s Award. Starting with Nana (via our 15th anniversary celebration last week), we will honor a creative soul that we feel best represents the essence of arts and activism. I believe that most who know her would agree that Nana epitomizes that essence.

We have worked with Nana officially and unofficially for the past 8 years or so. In fact, the first show that we produced at Joe’s Pub was a LIVE CD Recording for Nana back in the lat 90’s. Funny how things come full circle. We are officially back with Nana Camille, working to administer some of her business and communications needs. If you want to contact her through us, connect with her Account Manager THYSHA SHABAZZ at 718.756.8501 (office) or 646.410.0246 (office 2). You can also send an email to

To learn more about Nana Camille, go to or visit her (soon to be upgraded) MySpace page at

We love you Nana! Thank you for loving us more than you love yourself!

Family Forever…