To date (as of April 2021), Aaliyah Hall, the pre-teen mastermind behind Dreamland with Aaliyah, has read more than 200 books to children and their families!

Her topics have ranged from classic storytime books to ones that focus on contemporary themes and current happenings, including the celebration of Ramadan, Juneteenth, Earth Day, Pride month, Harvey Milk, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. Aaliyah, who was only 9 when she came up with this idea, personally chooses books that allow her to thread important themes throughout her Facebook Live events—themes such as the importance of gender diversity, friendship, racial justice, mindfulness, hope, and respresentation.

For your dose of hope, join Aaliyah every Sunday at 7:00pm ET on Facebook Live! (formally every day). And click the link below for the official reading list (as of early August 2020).

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