Africa? Yes, Africa!

February 19, 2013.
A director from American University of Nigeria sent me an email to invite me to speak on the business side of art and entertainment – all expenses paid plus an honorarium. He said I had come strongly recommended by a mutual friend, Kevin Powell. He also said that if I was interested and available, we’d have to move rather quickly to get things in place.

March 7, 2013.
Almost two weeks later, I’m aboard a plane headed to Abuja, capital city of Nigeria. From there I go to Yola, where I’ll give my speech. I started yesterday and have been en route for about 14 hours, including a layover in Germany. But I’m almost there now. We’ll land in an hour and 45 minutes.

There’s a little turbulence in the air as I type this and the ride is getting a little bumpy. Quite telling. I am still in a mild state of shock and have run out of places to pinch. This is really happening.

Thank you, Kevin. You have helped clear the path for something bigger than you know.