Get Rid of “Communication Debt”

Get out of what I call “communication debt.” If you owe someone a return phone call or email, set aside time (every day if you have to) to get ride of those debts. Even if your reply email is to say “It’s going to take a little extra time for me to get back to you. I’m unusually busy right now…” then do that. And be sure to connect when things slow down (in other others, mean what you say).
There’s not much value in having people you care about think that you’re ignoring them. And as a business person, you don’t want colleagues and/or clients thinking that you can’t manage your time. I learned the hard way. It’s a horrible reputation to have. I’ve since learned to pace myself, touch base (even if only for a moment), and temper people’s expectations. The less I owe, the lighter I feel. Works for me just fine! 
Here’s to releasing that heavy load of your back. Make that call or reply to that email today.