“Help Haiti” Fundraiser (The Video)

Across the globe, the international community is standing up to support Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquakes and aftershocks that nearly devastated the island nation. Neighboring and related Caribbean and African countries, as well as other governments throughout the world, are taking extraordinary measures to dem…onstrate its genuine concern. For example, Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade is offering free land to the people of Haiti.

And on an individual level, both adults and children all over the world are donating money, supplies, and skills to help alleviate this phenomenal crisis.

About two weeks after the earthquake shook Haiti at its core (January 12, 2010), a handful of ordinary people motivated by pure compassion, pooled their resources for this support movement. Nearly 100 people organized, hosted, and promoted the “Help Haiti” fundraiser in New York City on January 21. With less than 48 hours advance notice, the event promotion went viral and over $10,000 was raised at the event.

The “Help Haiti” fundraiser was an extension of the “Help Haiti” resource document created by Kevin Powell and April R. Silver. This video (conceived, produced, and directed by Byron Hurt of God Bless the Child Productions) gives a glimpse of why this work is needed. It also reveals “under the radar” perspectives not regularly seen in mass media in the conversation about Haiti.

For more information, please visit www.HelpHaitiOnline.org

For the love of Aiyti,
April R. Silver
Co-Founder, HelpHaitiOnline.org
Founder and President, AKILA WORKSONGS, Inc.