POETRY: Contains Adult Content

The title of this poem is not “Contains Adult Content,” LOL! That is my blog post disclaimer. This is an erotic poem, reader discretion is advised.

“Just Call My Name

Your voice feels good in my ear
So you can tell me anything tonight…just purr.
Purr into the curve that is the nook of my neck,
Just beneath the lobe, right above that shoulder.
It’s the ripple of your purr
That makes my breasts hmmmmm.

Then play. Yes, let your tongue dance deeply
In that canal with hot molasses kisses.
Kiss slowly down the spine: slow thick fire breaths.
Behind my breasts, trace the letters of my name
With your moist piece.
Round them into new meanings all night
Where Left is South and Down is East:
All the same/direction where my head
Is swimming in.

When you call my name
I hear your sex
Heavy in my head.
Like blossoms who obey
Sunshine’s calling,
I rise for you,
Arch my spine,
Lift my legs,
Throw my head back,
Nipples attentive for you.

When you call my name
I am April in springtime,
Perched on the shoulder of a
Honeysuckled breeze,
Or a glorious morning
Returning from a silver moonlit gaze.

Yes Love, whisper.
Whisper my name gently
In the tone that is your gift to me.
It’s the manhood in your voice
That stirs my sweetness,
And makes me yours tonight.

© 2005 April R. Silver