“Social Media is the New Pen and Paper!”

The post below is based on my tweets from earlier today:

My thirty minute keynote address at the COOL TWITTER CONFERENCE this Tuesday is supposed to be a powerful set-up for a seven hour day full of workshops and real live human networking about online networks.

If I can do these four things, I’ll be good:

1. Get people to RELAX Twitter and about social media networking, in general. At its core, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems.

2. To make an inarguable case that “new media” is required learning if you are interested in growing your business or organization. Social media is the new pen and paper! (That’s an original tag. If you like it, quote me. If it’s corny…well, then it figures, LOL!).

3. To back up all my yapping with real life experiences, personal success stories with my social media life, and mind-blowing stats.

4. To get (at least) 2 or 3 laughs out of the day so that I can go back and tell Daniel (my Facebook Friend who swears I’m too serious) that “I made a funny!”


The conference is THIS TUESDAY (Oct. 20) in Brooklyn at MoCADA. For more info and program details, explore www.brooklyn.cooltwitterconferences.com or call 202.746.9125