What’s Not Being Said about Haiti (Ezili Danto)

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"Le Negre Marron" (The Black Maroon) by Haitian Sculptor Albert Mangones
Dear POB! Family,
My heartfelt prayers are with the people of Haïti on this, the third anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010.
I have never been to Haïti and don’t know that anyone on either side of my family is from there. But our collective ancestors are African and we are, as a result, spiritually and historical tied forever. I’m honored by that fact.
So while I celebrate the humanity and the beauty of my Haïtian extended family, I remain heartbroken that the United States has played such a disastrous role in the under-development of that powerful island nation.
I’m committed to telling the truth as it is revealed to me and for that reason, I’m sharing an audio link to a media interview that was conducted yesterday on WBAI Radio. Listen to artist, activist, and lawyer Ezili Danto  (Marguerite Laurent)  as she is being interview by Felipe Luciano on “Wake Up Call (Friday Edition).” What’s NOT being discussed about Haïti is being discussed here.
I met Ezili three years ago during my “Help Haïti” organizing work. She remains one of Haïti’s most staunch defenders and lie-slayers. Please listen and explore for yourself. And if informed and inspired, please support the work of the Haïtian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN).

And please support independent media such as WBAI (www.wbai.org) and other outlets. Our intellectual well-being depends on their survial.

Love the love of Haïti,
April R. Silver

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