Yeah…I Don’t Get It

As smart as I think I am, there are a few things in this world that I just don’t get (and don’t want to). Here they are, in no particular order:

1. “For the Love of Ray J.”

2. March Madness.

3. “Family Guy” (I remember, in the beginning, when it wasn’t so over the top).

4. People who try to make their point by yelling, screaming, and hurling insults.

5. Boots in the summer time.

6. Fake sugar (Saccharin, Splenda, and God knows what else has been manufactured).

7. Weaves (There was a time when most women didn’t want the world to know that they were wearing a weave. Long gone days).

8. Why I love “Blues Away” so much (by The Jacksons) even though it’s such an incomplete song.

9. Why we can’t seem to remember that the world has birthed all kinds of evil people. Greedy, selfish people pre-date any political, economic, or social system of oppression that we can think of.

10. Why more Black people don’t go to the theater (and the price of the ticket is not an acceptable reply to me; not when I survey what we tend to spend money on)

If these things make sense to you, help a sister out.