I’m a Featured Speaker at the National Father’s Day Rally THIS SATURDAY

Father’s Day 2009 marks the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day. Who knew?

This Saturday (June 20) at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, there’s going to be a national rally to bring attention to a number of issues related to the topics of fatherhood and strong families. I’m honored to be among many of the distinguished guests who have been invited to speak. As editor of the anthology “BE A FATHER TO YOUR CHILD: REAL TALK FROM BLACK MEN ON FAMILY, LOVE, AND FATHERHOOD” (Soft Skull/Counterpoint), and as the loving daughter of a responsible father, I will have 3 minutes to address speak about what all that means to me and the community that I serve. Because it looks like it will be a mixed audience, I’ll have to use my time wisely. Gotta speak in sound bites. Three minutes is like a nano-second when you think about all that could be said. Whew! We’ll see if it goes well. Stay tuned.

The official name of the event is THE NATIONAL RALLY FOR RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD, ON BEHALF OF AMERICA’S CHILDREN: A CALL TO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. It’s going to be huge. If you’re in Washington, DC on June 20, come through. There will be plenty to absorb. And copies of BE A FATHER will be on sale, of course.

Here’s a link to the National Father’s Day Rally website for more info, the agenda, and a list of other speakers: www.fathersdayrally.com

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