Me and President Barack Obama? GTFOH!

The 44th President of the United States of America is supposed to be speaking at the National Father’s Day Rally tomorrow…the same rally where I’m speaking (see June 18 post below). I heard that he couldn’t wait to hear my remarks about “BE A FATHER TO YOUR CHILD,” and its 24 amazing contributors!

No seriously, President Obama is supposed to speak on the segment after my segment. Just found out. Wow. Stay tuned.

If I had five minutes with the president, what would I say??

1 thought on “Me and President Barack Obama? GTFOH!”

  1. If you have five minutes with President Barack Obama could you please ask him why he has flip flopped on 84.2% of his campaign promises? Can you also ask his why he has stonewalled all gay & lesbians?

    I would really like to know about those two things in particular. If you get a chance ask him why his ratings have dropped to the lowest ever for a President in office for under 300 days? Ask him about his as well

    Thanks a bunch.

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