The Most Glorious Night Ever! A Re-Cap of our Anniversary Celebration…

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Monday, April 21, 2008
8:000 am

Some of you might remember Terry McMillian’s second book Disappearing Acts (1989). It was the love story of record when I was in college and I devoured it in two days. There is a part – and I may be sketchy on the details – where Zora and Franklin make love for the first time. Everything went right that night and they connected in ways that powerfully transcended the physical realm. Zora rested in her lover’s arms in a state of “sweet bliss.” While contemplating her own happiness she also had selfless thoughts about her women friends. She wished they could experience this kind of lovin’ for themselves. The notion here is that what was good to her and for her should be shared…not kept for herself. She was overjoyed and wanted her friends to experience that bliss as profoundly as she did.

The analogy may be awkward and may not be the sharpest one I could make, but it still reflects my feelings about Friday night’s anniversary celebration at Joe’s Pub. It was absolutely the most glorious, re-affirming, and positively humbling night of my personal and professional life! I wished all my loved ones (family and business) could have been there. It was AMAZING!

My work was honored and uplifted in ways that were tremendously humbling. At the end of the program, for example, when Mo, Byron, and Kevin sprinkled rose petals at my feet – literally – all I could do was pray to keep from falling face flat on the stage (more on that segment of the show later)!

But truly, I’ve been “talking up” 2008 since November 2007. Because there are many milestones for me and AKILA this year (more on that later, too), I sent personal messages to my clients, colleagues, and partners in an attempt to plan for a year where we could cross-promote each other’s work, and not clash. I didn’t want to plan anything that would conflict with their own special big ticket items. In some cases, I switched my events in support of others’ plans. I say all that to say that I KNEW grand things were in store for us, starting with a kick off in April (our anniversary month). I was clearing the path to create as much of a harmonious event as I could muster.

What I didn’t know, however, was how magical (read: transformative) the celebration was going to be. I had a gut feeling that logistical things were eventually going to work themselves out; that folks would have a good time; and that I would find the dress that I wanted (oh that dress!!), but I surely didn’t expect *EVERYTHING* to fall into place so beautifully! We envisioned (and planned) for a sold out night at Joe’s Pub…and we sold out! We envisioned live performances from some of my favorite artists that would blow people away…and that happened too. I also wanted the night to be unifying, encouraging, and worth people’s time and money. Well, all things conspired in our good favor that night, GIVE THANKS!

But bigger than the 200+ people who came out (including those who unfortunately couldn’t in), bigger than the awesome collective of artists that blessed the stage, bigger than after-party that lasted past 3 am (where I danced with giddy abandonment all night long)…bigger than all those things was how highly charged the night was! Moving forward, if there is a moment that gets recalled on what’s good about being an artist, an activist, an advocate, a loving human being, a principled business person, than our anniversary celebration will be one of those moments pulled to the fore. And that’s not my euphoria lingering…that’s feedback!

So in the spirit of Zora, allow me to share my joy via my (new) blog (see link below). That way, I can rave about segments of the show and those who came out can comment as well. Soon, we’ll post the media from the event online.

From the bottom of my heart, I give thanks to all those who attended, those who were there in spirit, and those who texted/emailed me in the middle of the program to send their well-wishes even they couldn’t be there. Thanks to those who contributed to Artists For Life, and thanks to Joe’s Pub for being so cooperative and for allowing us to go (waaay) over time. I think they were in shock (and equally moved), LOL!

And thanks to the “A” team for being wonderful (more on them later in the blog). Most importantly, THANK GOD for lovefests and reminding us that work/songs can transform our lives for good!

For more on the night, click HERE or go to [you are already here]. If in the future, you can’t remember that, just go to the company website:

your friend, yours in service,
april r. silver

ps – see flier below to get a QUICK GLANCE at what’s in store for us over the next few months (details will be on the website shortly).

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