I’m So Glad to Be from HOWARD U…

“Making an ASS out of U and ME!”
Well, really…just me, LOL!

My Beloved HU Fam,

This is what happens when you ASSUME…and when you’re moving too fast:

An old friend from high school and I re-connected recently. She’s been on my Put On BLAST! list for some time now. She’s pursuing a doctorate’s degree in anthropology and I posted a survey on her behalf…all related to your dissertation. I did it pro bono and she was very grateful.

So we’re in touch over the months and she learns of the 15th anniversary of the company. Again, more praises and good vibes from her. She presses me for my street address…she wants to overnight something. I forget to reply and she presses again weeks later. I finally reply on Monday (with apologies). On Tuesday (yesterday), I get a delivery of BEAUTIFUL flowers to my home/office.

I email her at some ungodly hour last night to say THANK YOU and that I would call her at a decent hour to say THANK YOU personally. I wake up this morning to her email reply: “April, you deserve flowers, but those weren’t from me. Check the card.”

Big duh! I just *knew* they were from her. She’s the type that would say “thank you” or “congratulations” with flowers. From whom could they be?

Like an idiot, I check the message card – all AFTER the fact. The flowers were from our own JELANI COBB. The note was a happy anniversary message, plus a thank you for supporting his work over the years. Awwww!! Thanks, Jelani (Imma call you in a few).

Speaking of Jelani, ya’ll know he’s seeking to be a delegate at the Democratic convention. An email BLAST! is coming today. Be sure to check it out and make any donation you can. Saturday (April 19) is the deadline.

So I just wanted to say “YAY” us! I feel, for the most part, we’ve done a pretty decent job of sustaining mutually loving friendships, partnerships. I know I made, like many of you, a concrete decision to re-join and collaborate with HU alumni…be it through the local club, via BRU, etc. And some of us just never lost touch…period.

Hmmm. I’m contemplating a few folks who are gonna get this who I owe calls to, LOL! (read: ras and sheri). Your phone is ringing!


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  1. i love the blog. congratulations. i will make it one of my regular reading stops. peace and love, ananda

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