“Now” Is a Hard Time. Naturally.

A tree splits the rock/boulder in two.
Today is hard. Yesterday, too.
Naturally or not, there’s…
Too many preventable Deaths
Earthquake in Haiti
Heartbreaking Deaths
Hurricane Ida
Shocking, Watery Deaths
Texas’ Abortion Law
Evil-Doer Sponsored Deaths
And then there’s that thing deep inside any one of us
That thing we can’t see, won’t touch, can’t name, and may never feel—that thing from private lifetimes ago

That dies us slowly.

Traditional African wisdom teaches us that the natural motion of this world is chaotic. But we also know that healing is within reach if we seek, embrace, and maintain balance, even while the world seems to crumble around us. But healing is not always easy and it’s certainly not instant. Often, it requires a divorce from that which gives us comfort. Healing is hard and personal but is far-reaching and immeasurably powerful.

So in defiance to all the death, sickness, loss, hurt, shaking, wahala, storms, hurricanes, infernos, and backward motion, I’m offering a prayer this weekend (for those who would receive it): A heartfelt prayer for healing, balance, and ease.

Because and while we are gifted with life, may we treasure life. May we be easy with ourselves and with one another. May we listen more than we talk, and may we summons enough will and strength to defy any blockage that obstructs our divine reason for being on this planet in the first place.



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