Sobriety Has Its Place | An African Life Lesson

#myheartisfull | Last week you couldn’t tell me that I wouldn’t be writing constantly about my first trip to Africa; that I wouldn’t be taking family and friends along with me, every step of the way, via my blog. “That’s Bananas!,” I would have said.

I’m back in the US now and I’m still processing, I’m still shook to my very core about what I learned and unlearned while in Nigeria for a short week. I feel un-robed. This nakedness is more sobering than anticipated.

There are many ways to give birth, to be naked, to open up to the world. There are many ways to learn a new thing. Doing so from a quiet place is one way and were I not a feminine energy, Gemini woman who ascribes spiritual and symbolic meaning to everything (every single thing), I would have, perhaps, been “blogged out” by now. But I am that woman so I’m quiet in the moment.

But while I savor my African life lessons and give them an opportunity to settle in their rightful place, I’ll be loud and clear about this one thing: Go hug an artist and thank the activists you know. Send good vibes to all the ones you don’t. All over the world, our survival is in their hands. Shame on us if our actions don’t show how much we care.

More to come…



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